Tobias und Esther Stöckli mit Samuel in Kambodscha

Hurray, it's Samuel

23.08.2013 18:25

Samuel was born on early Tuesday morning on August 13. We went to hospital early Sunday morning because Esther had regular contractions but after a full night they eased off and we were sent back home. The following 28 hours were challenging for Esther as she had stronger but very irregular contractions and could only sleep short moments at a time. However, on Monday night we went for a walk but only managed about 100 meters because contractions started to become frequent and strong. After a hot bath the contractions were very strong and regular. After another two hours we went to hospital where we were told that the cervix was 9 out of 10 cm wide open already which was very encouraging. However, Samuel still took another 4,5 hours to come out because he was turned face upwards (a star-gazer, as we say in German. Interestingly that night there were many shooting stars.) Therefore Samuel found it hard to find his way and had less space. In the end they helped him out with a vacuum bell jar. We are very thankful that a c-section could be avoided through the bell jar. It was very close: The midwife and the doctor were not sure if he could make it. In the end the senior physician decided to give it a go - and after three more contractions he was born. We were so happy to hold Samuel Kephas in our arms. Esther and Samuel are well. We were very happy and thankful that we had the privilege of occupying one of two "family rooms" where Tobi could stay with Samuel and Esther from the beginning - and partake in everything and learn lots too. In the beginning breast feeding was difficult, but now Samuel got the hang of it - even though he doesn't drink as much and fast as one would like.